SIT: Southbank Institute of Technology


Under curator Jacquline Armistead, and in collaboration with Landscape Architects Gamble Mackinon Green, project Architects Cox Rayner and client Southbank Institute of Technology, Alexander Lotersztain was tasked to design a comprehensive range of furniture for all outdoor areas of the site.

In collaboration with Manufacturer Street and Garden Furniture, a range of 16 new products were developed for the project. The products included an array of different seating configurations, tree grates, bollards, drinking fountains, workstations and bin closures. The selection of finishes addresses the needs of an outdoor environment for both use and maintenance.

The brief accentuated the need for a strong, durable and maintenance free range. A custom lime green anti-graffiti powder-coat was specifically developed for this range. The colour selection and pattern provided a relationship between the range and Tafe’s message. The pixel pattern represents the different areas that form the Tafe and the picture it creates when together; the colour promoting the idea of vibrancy and new vision “the new heritage green”.

Client: Street & Garden Furniture
Location: South Bank, Brisbane
Date: 2007