Sclpt: Re-connecting with a basic instinct


Sclpt was designed as part of Table Stories, a project by Queensland design collective, for Tokyo Design Week, 2015.

The purpose of Sclpt is to engage the user in the art of carving, and allows the user to create a unique and personal utensil by hand. It persuades the user to re-connect with a basic instinct that has been lost in the digital age. Sculpted utensils have been part of our culture for millennia, with preserved examples of various forms of spoons having been discovered amongst ancient cultures ranging from Egyptians to Incas, and as far back as the Neolithic.

Using technology to assist in the production of an object to its basic form, the design plays with the notion of reversing from technology back to hand made. In an age of mass production and disposable objects, the Sclpt concept aims to inspire the user to craft and customise the utensil, make an emotional connection and give back value to an object as mundane but important to our culture as the spoon.

Alexander Lotersztain
Date: 2015