Depo: A bar, restaurant and cafe rolled into one


Located in the thriving precinct of West End, Depo is more than a restaurant; it’s a space for collaboration. Described as a welcoming place, with a loft style interior; Depo is a restaurant/bar, cafe, gallery and popup store in one.

Designed in every detail, Depo focuses on creating an experience, a space to make guests feel welcomed, comfortable and intimate. The design of Depo utilises venue location and space in a way that works to create atmosphere. By day the facade of the venue is flung open to visually include sprays of greenery and alfresco dining. At night, limited street lighting and low internal lighting creates the sense that Depo is set alone in space.

The space tells the story of existing building by retaining elements of the space - eg. the exposed original block walls still show markings of the streams of water used to extinguish a fire in the building. Much of the furniture and display at Depo is non fixed, allowing the interior to morph, accommodating a variety of functions and purposes.

Client: Depo
Location: West End, Brisbane
Date: 2013