Chester Street Bakery and Bar: Cobalt blue, bread and brews


Chester Street Bakery and Bar is as the name suggests, a multipurpose venue. The unique venue features a bakery by day and transforms into a casual neighbourhood bar by night.

Opting for an open, minimalist aesthetic, the Alan Scott-designed, Dennis Benson-built-wood-fired oven remains the star of the show with shiny cobalt blues tiles. With its contrasting Tasmanian oak and tiled surfaces, Chester Street is a modern take on a bakery meets bar. The off-white tiled walls dappled with accents of light blue pay homage to Brisbane’s sky on a clear and sunny day.

Custom designed lighting and furniture merge modern function with elements of nostalgia, with wooden potato trays from Holland repurposed to display the freshly baked bread. Alexander’s Solid Collection for One/Third, and Bolet for Derlot Editions make up part of the furniture in the interior.

Client: Chester Street Bakery and Bar
Location: Newstead, Brisbane
Year: 2013


Furniture in this Project