By George: A pop-up installation in George St


As part of Art and About, Sydney’s premier outdoor arts festival, Laneways By George! Hidden Networks saw eight interconnected lanes alongside George Street transformed by site-specific interventions.

Eight interdisciplinary teams were invited to create installations that would encourage a dialogue about public space, social interaction and urban sustainability. Each team consisted of at least one artist, one architect, one landscape architect and one contributor from any other field. Alexander was approached by Aspect Studios with Herbert + Mason Architecture.

The Meeting Place, explored the fleeting interactions that arise between passing strangers. Two four-metre-high walls of tensile fabric arched gracefully through the narrow confines of Little Hunter Street. The tall, thin space created within this passageway echoed the existing proportions of the laneway and encouraged playful interaction through contact with the supple yellow walls.

The filtered shadows and sounds of people walking by either side of these screens engendered an inquisitive curiosity and heightened awareness between passing pedestrians. The Meeting Place engaged people of all ages with its sense of play and fun, highlighting the need for more whimsical urban spaces that appeal to children and adults alike.

Client: Collaboration with Aspect and Herbert & Mason Architects
Title: The Meeting Place
Location: Pop-up installation, Sydney
Year: 2009