111 Eagle Street: A super scaled sculpture


One One One Eagle Street; GPT Group’s $700 million waterfront tower, designed by Cox Rayner Architects is one of Brisbane’s largest commercial building and boasts 64,000sqm over 54 levels. Funded in part by a government arts grant, Alexander was commissioned by Cox to design a sculptural lighting installation.

One One One’s vine like columns are covered by strands of 52,000 LED lights which reach 200 meters into the Brisbane skyline.  The installation pulsates slowly, giving the impression the building is living.

The result is an elegant and subtle feature that enhances the organic nature of the architecture and its environmental credentials, and breathes a new life into the Brisbane skyline.

The lights are a permanent feature of the city nightly.

Client: GPT Group in collaboration with Cox Rayner Architects
Designer: Alexander Lotersztain
Location: Brisbane
Year: 2012